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Saturday, November 15, 2008

iPhone, Totally joke in Egypt

Peace be upon you 

How are you? I am sorry for long time "unposting", I am busy as hell :D.

anyways, Yesterday iPhone had been released in Egypt, it is nice but it is very bad when you know some details.

in Apple web site you will find this 2 nice logos for our "beloved" Mobile network operators

as far as I remember that Steve Jobs said that the iPhone will not Exceed the 200$, which is more than nice.

Here is the shock coming, when you check the websites for the operators you will see that you will have to pay 
3850 for the 8 G, which means 692 USD, :D
4450 for the 16 G, which means 800 USD :D:D:D:D:D

check the below snaps from the web sites
Vodafone "OFFER"

Mobinil Offer

The nice thing is after you pay all that money, you can't use that phone out side the network, which means, it only works on single SIM (MobiJoke, VodaFool) 

Mmmmm, so I don't like to be A Joke (MobiJoke) nether Fool (VodaFool) nether iDiot (Being iPhone user)
because it is not fair, simply you can get this device with same amount work any where in the world, 
please check the "Apple Hong Kong" store and see it
also here is snap from the Site

Mmm, Vodafone called me, Let us see the tons of jokes they told me.
I will tell you the bottom lines to save your time, it was 9 minutes call

"Me, The phone is too much, I have friend get it with same amount and works with any network"
this one is real, I know some one who get it from Italy and guess what it works here, guess what too, he can get to store and download "WHATEVER"
"Vodafone Guy, Hahaha, this is can't be, the government will track him and take it from him"
"Me, Why, Because of the GPS, don't u know that kids in Egypt can get n95, which has GPS"
"VF G, yes, but"
"Me, iPhone GPS has been dimmed by software methods, which means, if it cracked, it will WORK"
"VF G, but the phone can't work here in Egypt too, it will only work for the region that it sold within"
"Me, I SAW IT WORKING IN EGYPT, and the guy gets the 16 G white phone, with 4300 LE"

anyways, here is what I mean, this people are kidding, I don't know why I am thinking about reconsidering everything related to Apple.

I am sure that Apple knows, everything going on and they agree with it, 

I hope that Egyptian guys, DO NOT BUY this crap, until it gets to as promised, this always happen, Greedy resellers with greedy government 

even if it gets to the promised price I will not get it, I prefer Nokia, they have much experience in what mobile needs, not with device without "Copy and Paste"

anyways, I hope that you miss me as I miss you :)

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam

P.S: Sorry for the linguistic mistakes, :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nice videos for "Steve Balmer"

YouTube has tons of things like this for Steve Balmer, it is really nice, I like this guy :D

he is Amazing

Ballmer sells windows1.0

Steve Ballmer Sells Windows XP

Steve Ballmer on Vista and MacBook Air @ MIX08

Math Matters to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer