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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dream Full of surprises

Peace be upon you

Today I have got a very nice dream, the dream has lots of the human feelings (Fear, happiness, ...) let us take it from the start

The dream started where I was in a place that has lots of torn down buildings, the strange thing that most of this buildings was new, and under construction, I was walking in this buildings ruins, I was jumping from place to place, I made lots of successful jumps but I faced one that I stopped and I couldn't have the courage to complete, the jump was between 2 buildings + down the buildings is the land wasn't even, there was lots stones and rocks, the only thing that hold me down and stop me from doing this was the responsibility, someone was with me and I couldn't take chances while some life in my hands, so I step back, if I was alone, I may did this jump because I was going to do it but when I remember the people that hanging on me I step back, after that I moved to other place.
this place was so white, it was a lab at Samsung facility, imagine who I met there, I met Steve Jobs, he was missing with his iPhone, he was at Samsung to follow up some issues related to a product with the guys at the lab, suddenly happen something that was very strange, it is earthquake it was so strong, the Samsung building has part of it under ground connected to tunnel, this tunnel drops to City downtown, some how we managed to run from the building while it was collapsing, it was me and Steve and there was lots of people running, I found some kind of Van Car it takes about 14 passenger, I was of this passenger, I was setting at the last chair at the middle that's how I saw everyone in the van, it was white van, also all people in that car was very smart this was obvious from there personal devices, lots of small electronic devices, I forgot to tell you that I was the only one that has searchlight, suddenly we stop at the end of the tunnel, it was like disaster all the town is torn down, all buildings was mostly collapsed, I saw some kids trying to move from collapsed building to the normal land, when I reached there, I saw small girl about 7 or 8 years old, I ask her to give me her hand to help her, she said no, I will do it my self, and she told me lots of physics low stuff, she was calculating how to jump with minimum damage effect, suddenly I saw small kid also about 7 years old, he was saying very wise words about teaching the other kids something that make them gain their confidence again, all look at this kid and laugh while I was the only one who smiles to him and go with him, suddenly I woke up, I wished to know the rest :D, but for this point I am very happy, I hope that anyone analysis this :)

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam

P.S: I have had this dream in 2008 :D, nice to remember such a dream.