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Monday, October 30, 2006

Performance Book

Peace be upon you

do you remember my little paper about performance , it was taken from "VTun Performance Analyzer", I think I am gonna right back and complete this paper, because I promise to finish it

I know that I seem over loading on my self :D, but as you know my , my day is a year :D like government, the most important thing about it is that we will learn new amazing stuff that make us lose our mind while we are developing application, and how to avoid some stuff that make us like that :D "NUTS", anyways I am always waiting for yout replies guys.


Peace be upon you
as anyone read my book about ASP.NET he will notice that it still need some topics
so I start looking for new topics and here it is the topics which I want to expand

- Right way to Desgin your web application.
- Globalization and Localization ( Multi Langauge and Culutre Switching -It has some tricks- )
- Security ( Hacking -SQL Injection, XSS Attacks, Clinet side validation breaking, ... etc- )
- Using C++ & Assembly with ASP.NET ( ATL Webservices )
- Using VSTS facilities easily to fullfill your application in less possible time
- Using Webservice right

this topics I will not write more chapters about it, I will write some this topics here in my blog in Arabic and English if I got the power to do it :D,

please inform me with what you really need to start on it.

Finally I found Aymans Shoukry Blog address

Peace be upon you

this guy is great you can find a lot of interseting things in his blog , by the way he is working in VC++ Team

Windows Vista Blog

Peace be upon you

I think it's great to follow up what's new about the Beloved product windows vista ;)
here is the team blog , I think it would be great to share ideas
enjoy it

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Arabteam Community Breakfast

Peace be upon you
it was amazing day I will tell all of the deails soon :D I have no time ;)
here is the photos

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Laptop Game Programming

Peace be upon you

I wish you are all in good health :)
I found a very cool topic at intel web site it's about game programming and it's not like any game programming :D it's for laptop
there is critical factor in this game issue, it's performance must be as good as possible becuase it effects on a lot of thing in the laptop :) continue in the topic :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Nice Topic about Windows Vista

Peace be upon you
I think this topic is nice for people who liketo play with GUI (Graphical User Interface) enjoy it ;)