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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Me, Cairo Startup weekend and Balooshy.

Peace be upon you

How are you? I am really sorry for not writing as usual but I promise to write more :)

First, I wasn't ignoring my blog or something, I was very loaded doing many things, isA I will disclose soon about the past month and why I wasn't on the blog so often

In 28th April 2011, Cairo Startup weekend took place in AUC, I participated with a project called "Balooshy", I didn't win any cash but I won "GEP Entrepreneurship master class", for me it was much better.

Now, I quite my job to start new thing that I wish it will work, it is called "Smartizer", Balooshy is one product of our company.

Read the story in Business monthly June 2011 issue.

I really wish to be able to write more in the blog and I wish that I can give you all knowledge I have :)

Ahmed Essam