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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tethering iPhone over any network

Peace be upon you
I have figured out away to tether your iPhone with any mobile network, let us start

The first thing we will need is to write the configuration file, Here is link for sample configuration file, actually it is working for Egypt Mobinil users

Now, for each network it will need little bit of effort to make it work, we have to edit the configuration file, here is snapshot for the keys that is going to be modified

"APN" , this is the string that has the Access Point Gateway, you can get this from the operator, or u can get it from any phone with internet capabilities ,

"password" , This is the access point password, get it from the Operator

"Username", This is the access point username, get it from the Operator

"PayloadIdentifier", becareful with this one, because it may change something that u don't deser, I recommend for this one is to be like this pattern "..profile.apn"

for instance


This keys is the keys that have effect and will make your tethering work.

After that, put the file on a Web Server and log to it from Safari mobile and install it

Happy tethering :)

Thanks for your time.


Ahmed Essam

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cheap way to develop for iPhone

Peace be upon you

How are you guys? I am sorry for not posting a lot.
Today I am gonna write how to start iPhone development in a very cheap way, first let us talk about why, I thought about that.
In Egypt we have don't have Apple it self, we have punch of people who has the reseller logo, they offer SUCK service, high prices for nothing, they are even not cool in manner of human treatment, it is like "we sell Apple products, we are from heaven (YAKHHHHH)"
anyways, I have noticed that people likes the idea of developing for the iPhone and how it can get quite good money for simple application, this is happen because of the huge number which is use 1 place to shop for software "App store", the only thing that makes people step back is the prices of the Apple machines, in Egypt we pay double prices so there is always something to be done to get out of this CRAP, high price and need of equipment, so I have started messing around the netbooks as a low end machines that can do HELL of things (little monster)

so what do u need to start?
 - MSI Wind U123x
 - Externel DVD reader
 - Mac OS X (10.5.2 (this what I have tried) or higher) -> Kalyway (get it from )
 - Combo Update to (10.5.3)
 - iPhone SDK (get it for free from )
 - Chain0 (get it from )

Here is snapshots for what the operation 

Insert the Mac OS X Kalyway DVD and boot

From the customize screen select the proper kernel and VGA driver 
Now after installing the combo update (VERY TRICKY to be installed) and installing the XCode and iPhone SDK everything up and running and 100% running 

Screen shot from the MSI Wind U123x after having a simple trail.

I will post in detail how to make everything running, I have exams this days so pray for me and I hope that I have much time for my BELOVED blog and BELOVED readers, I really miss the nice feeling when I write something

Thanks for your time.
Ahmed Essam