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Monday, October 30, 2006


Peace be upon you
as anyone read my book about ASP.NET he will notice that it still need some topics
so I start looking for new topics and here it is the topics which I want to expand

- Right way to Desgin your web application.
- Globalization and Localization ( Multi Langauge and Culutre Switching -It has some tricks- )
- Security ( Hacking -SQL Injection, XSS Attacks, Clinet side validation breaking, ... etc- )
- Using C++ & Assembly with ASP.NET ( ATL Webservices )
- Using VSTS facilities easily to fullfill your application in less possible time
- Using Webservice right

this topics I will not write more chapters about it, I will write some this topics here in my blog in Arabic and English if I got the power to do it :D,

please inform me with what you really need to start on it.

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