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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Iterative Enhanced Waterfall model

Peace be upon you

It seems wired what I am talking about, some people like the idea of iterative development which is implicitly includes waterfall model, no one can deny that the most important model is waterfall, because it the base of all other models, what I am thinking is to merge the both iterative and Enhanced waterfall model.
this style will grantee highest insurance of right software, but it will consume some time, about 10 to 20 %, but I think this is fear percentage for getting right software, it will not make a big difference with small software, but it will be amazing and helpful for large software, that it's requirement is unsatable, I think this topic needs some sort of discussion to find how much we can get from it,
anyways I wish to see any comments for this topic :D I know

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