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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Snap shoot for other sites in youe ASP.NET project

Peace be upon you

I think a lot of people who works on CMS ( Content Management System ) or portals, were always asking how can do we make a live preview for the user in Image, Now I will start with this snap shoot for a web site for Mobile software -if the web is not snapped you will see "Thumoo"-

now lets begin this story :), first download the source code for Thumoo
after that you can use it, sometimes you want to make a quick preview for the website + you don't want to open the web site you want to preview, what I am explaining here is little Fancy :D, which means it's not essintial , you can live wihtout it, but I like the idea and actually I like the way of this "Thumoo", I think it's so professional, the code is cool,it needs some enhancement but it's ok, you can do it your self when you use this code,
I wish this topic is useful for all of you

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