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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Trip to Qatar

Peace be upon you
How are you? I miss all people who read what I write :), last time I wrote something was long time ago, I am sorry people, I was away, I was in Qatar Delivering a really huge system, it is ePurse, I am one of project members, here is link for the porject

now after this long time, I will show you the good in this trip :D, I visit some place , actually it is amazing place, it's a mall when you are inside it you will find it DAY , I mean there is always sun on it also there is a moon, :D I know it's not reasonable but check out the photos,it was really a very good day :)

It is a day at 11:00 PM can you imagine it :)

shoping in the water :D if you don't afraid of sinking :D

WoW the fake sun looks cool

let's take a round with this thing :D

Me and pink panther :D

over this bridge is a restrant

is it a sunset ???

Moon :D and it is totally fake

By the way I got married last month, :) I wish I can blog more :)

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