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Monday, October 15, 2007

Virtual visit to USA

Peace be upon you

as you know that I like Microsoft so much, I wanted to do something cool :D which is, have snapshot by satellite for Microsoft and set it as back ground on my PC, when I was on my way to "1 Microsoft way, Redmond" I found something so strange, new button on Google called "street view", as I like to open any new thing :D even it is a bomb :D, I clicked on the button, and guess what, I saw little cameras all over the map, in this moment I street to feel exciting, I always liked Manhattan street, so I wrote in the search that, and when it opens I found new thing, it is little orange guy, I clicked on this guy, anther overlapped window opened, and I started to be able to navigate on the street, WAW, I am in USA and I am walking , I am able to see shops and everything, WAW, I said to my self it's not enough lets get more, I get back to Google search and I typed "List of street view in Google maps", and I got this beautiful link,,-95.712891&spn=47.167389,92.8125&z=4&om=1&layer=c&utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-ha-na-us-google-svn&utm_medium=ha
see it, you will find all the placed that has street view in USA, after I got a very well training on Google street view it took about "10 minutes, to read and figure out what it is." I took some snapshots to several places in USA

lets see it

so what do you think about that? I think it is AMAZING, and very cool to have such service in beloved Google, now I leave it to you, I hope that it is OK and the topic was useful for you, thanks for your time :)

Ahmed Essam

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