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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Egyptian Companies Part 1

Peace be upon you

This days I have many struggling things in my mind, here is listing in what I am thinking about:
  1. I wanna have a good chance in big respectable company (for me Microsoft is my Dream)
  2. I wanna do something extra ordinary by doing what I am thinking about, I wanna makeover the Software industry in Egypt, I have a very nice thoughts that could make it better with practical way go on with this ideas.
  3. I wanna start my POOR company and start running my own shows

To have the right answer I have to find the right question, that's what's killing me right now, actually I can't find the "Question" , right now all I am thinking about that I am lonely in what I am thinking about, I need someone to share what I am thinking about, all people here are so negative no one wanna take his shot and make his dream real,

sometimes I feel that I should take it as it is of course not for life, but this is not creative way to solve the problem, to solve problem, I have to be like the problem, I have to behave like the problem to understand it, this point I call the surrendering for the sickness, but it's not for life, sometimes u need to have a break to fight back with more powerful attack that is really give you back what you want, this what I think I am in now, I am taking my breath, to fight back this sleepy community that's can't have a very tiny step to make the life better, I think I have now my decision I will keep on in what I have now,

head capital, as many of limited vision of managers here they never think that "Head capital of any software company is its Employees", they never think like Bill gates "Microsoft" and Steve Jobs "Apple" they were the First employees that make their companies the best can that it can be, What I am dreaming is to have my chance,

actually I am so depressed of the point we have here, Software companies in Egypt consider the Employee

  1. as asset, they have life time then throw it and find someone else to do the job.
  2. as Consumable, they try to make use of the employee as much as they can
  3. as number, some big companies treat their employees as number, any one working is just number, this number is do what is suppose to do, if this number didn't they will get anther number to do that, they don't care about the Employee it self.
  4. as container, they suck the employee they take what ever they can take
  5. VERY FEW, treat Employee as Human "I heard a lot about ITWorx" that they do so with their employees, they try to give them what they need to be creative,

Most of the Types that I have sort up there are common on thinking that they giving over deserved salary, when you talk to the higher management they always think about the money, they never think about the spiritual part that give the mind the power of creativity, this managers are not so creative because they keep thinking in the numbers they never looks what is behind it, they never believe that there is something else beside the numbers, it's numbers soul, the number soul can give you more than the number it self, anyways it will take hell of time to talk about it

something funny, I have been working now for almost 3 years in software development, I work for 5 Companies

  1. EgyComp Very Good team, Very Ugly Management
  2. Agiliance ME Good team, Bad spirit ( bad enough until the company totally fall )
  3. InfoSoft Very Good Team, Very Good Management, inconvenient market
  4. Imaginet software Very Good Team, Very Good Management, bad resources handling
  5. GET Group Struggling great good team,great international projects, Cold feeling of employees (Cold to death)

Why I keep move on, I like to work with a free mind, Software industry totally depend on the creativity, you can't just put people in bad atmosphere and push them to do things they don't want to do and expect that they will give something back to you, this is what really happen, every one is working in software company in Egypt is like a slave, this is what American guy said to some of my colleague at the work, this is true, we are slaves why do the WRONG things and we can't say NO, we have minds that can clearly separate between right and wrong, for me I am sick of the word "Just make it work", this is not right, making it just work doesn't mean that it is working right,

at the End I hope that you didn't get depressed because of what I am saying, it is just me that have this feeling, I don't know if the others has the same or not, but this what my eyes can see, but I am not that negative, I always take steps to change things, for me I am satisfied of what I am doing, I am move a lot and I will move again until I get what I want, also in moving I learn a lot, I learn things about people I see and types of customers, I work in many great things, I was working for mobile development ( thousands using the software that i am doing ) in other hand I did International E-Government projects (Millions are connected to my Server) ( hundreds using my Embedded application ), I believe all of that was very good for me it cause that my knowledge got wider in the software industry and give me a lot that others can't really have.

thanks for your time :)


Ahmed Essam


OHDev said...

Very True ...
I'm just commenting this statement till i complete reading this article.

because I'm at work right now...
I'll read it later today hopefully.
but i share you your Opinions about this.

the most problem is from the behavior of the persons themselfs.

why think right ? ... why do something not Needed from me even it's easy ?
that's the way most of the people.
and others think like:
"do the Think that fits my given Salary"

and others think and work like a Pre-Programmed ROBOT.
All the Problems in the End have to do with Creativity, Responsibility, wisdom, Targets etc.

Anonymous said...

This is completely true! We really have a problem here in Egypt regarding the model of the software companies. The model here is just to complete your required tasks and that is it. We are missing the discussion between the decision makers and the developers. Developers won't be innovative without some kind of freedom. Why don't we have these kind of managers who gives the developers budget and time to make an idea of their own? Why don't we have this kind of competition between the software houses in building innovative ideas? Why when we ask about the best software houses in Egypt we get only one or two companies? Many questions needs our attitudes more than answers.

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you

all we can say that it is a common culture in Egypt, in Egypt there is no place for innovation for any layer of people, because our work is meanly depends on innovation and creativity so we will be the most who feel that issue, the only successful and effective people here is the people who say Ok without any comment, no one have teh power to say Ok for something that has risk, the CRAZY ideas that dies every day because of this stupidity, all we have to do is stand together, share knowledge in our blogs and so on,

I will tell you something funny, one of my bosses told me before to stop bloging and start do something useful to my self :D, I replied with this

"if you wanna master it then you have to teach it"

anyways, ALLAH bless all of us and give us what we are dreaming

thanks for your comment Mohamemd

Anonymous said...

Thats why you should create your own software company. ;)