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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some way to hack GSM Networks

Peace be upon you

how are you guys? I will just hint for this thing, it's small device for GSM software developers, this device is used to test the application that is on the SIM Card that is provided by GSM Network provider, here is link for the device I am talking about it, it's Called detective,
I hope to get one :D, I don't think that it is available to anyone to buy it.
I am not saying go hack GSM networks, this things is very simple I am just telling that there is device monitor the commands that is going out and coming in, :D I am not saying more :D

Thanks for your time

Ahmed Essam


Anonymous said...

wow, thats cool
u know that u might to GSM cloning with that if it have writing capability
i once read an article about it
u can have 2 GSMs for the same number
when the phone rings both of them will ring
this technique have been featured in broune supremecy movie :D

do u have any device that can copy GSMs ;) :D

Ahmed Essam said...

How are you Hady?

I hope that you are Ok, mmm you are talking about hacking the GSM FULLY
actually this is not possible as you are imagining it, First the SIM card is running a small OS which is "JAVA Card OS", this OS, dose not allow the device to read what is on the sim card, all the device do is just request things from the sim and sim reply with things, this things is authenticated by the GSM network, so when the SIM request something the only way to get the response is from the GSM network, this is the first part, GSM networks (Radio layer) are encrypted with RSA as I know, some guys in UK, hack the GSM and was able to decrypt a phone call,

the very spreaded way for hacking GSM is through something like trojan hourse, :D but it is very low level, the people who do that do that by modifying the Phone ROM, they put some applications that do all spy stuff, I saw SMS spy before :D and it was COOOOL, when the man receive SMS you have this SMS and so on, the issue is so large, guys in movies is doing things that is hard to do, and they do it in no time, it is just like the man who got 5 or 6 shots and still walking :D, if it is feasible then the hack stuff is feasible too

Anonymous said...

hello my dear brother naiem, r u?my name is mohammad arafat n im from a final year student of electrical& electronics engineering.i was searching in google abt gsm hacking stuffs.then i got ur web i must say u have develoved a lovely web site where people like me can find abundant knowledge abt gsm network and so on.anyway,few days ago one of my friends told me abt gsm sim n mobile hack.the way he told me i was just tempted to know n learn abt it really true that a subscriber's sms can be read n fetched in another mobile(kind of spying) as well as eavesdropping in conversation of subscriber's incoming or outgoing calls(kind of monitoring)?would plz help me to know more abt this n give me a full idea of the software to do this kind of naughty things?ill look forward to keep in touch with take a very good care of yourself.allahhafiz

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you,

How are you Mohamed? please check the links down there it has some of what you want,

Hacking Windows mobile (Turning Mobile to Spy Phone)

Smart Sniffing, for Pocket PC

Mobile and SIM Cards

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam