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Friday, March 14, 2008

RFID-> Security Flaw in Mifare Classic

peace be upon you

today post is so short and for some people it is shocking, some guys in "Radboud University" I think it is located in Netherlands have hacked into the RFID for "Mifare Classic" here is video and the link

Thanks for your time

Ahmed Essam


Anonymous said...

hello man, nice video, the idea is old but never seen somebody implementing it before, actually i don't consider that hacking, simply it's stealing the key from the card holder
it would be hacking if he cracked it on spot without the need to sniff it from a card holder

Ahmed Essam said...

The point is as long as u have the card and it is wireless it can be read by anyone has the reader, because it is wireless, also they have cracked the key that is used to encrypt the data that is on the card, it is knowen that this cards get locked if u tries to read it wrongly, anyways, if you read what is in the link you will know that it is really bad thing to have your card readable and there is ability to this card to be copied, it is really bad

I was working on GET Group, they do lots of access control application based on proximity cards and RFID, I am telling that is really wicked to miss up with such thing, some places put the access control to have some notifications about the intruder at this point lots of places will be wide open for such guy

anyways, it doesn't mean us, we don't use this technology very much :D, also remember the E-Passport, ;)