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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MIT, Waiting for all of us

Peace be upon you
I hope that you are all OK, today I am going to recommend (as usual :D), let us begin with summary to save your time, MIT has opened there materials Video Audio and text for all people so you can watch the courses that is in the institute for free just visit there web site
So let us begin the cool part, it is something like conversation between me and someone :D.
Short cuts : Me -> M, Someone who I am talking to -> S

M: Do u know that MIT has open there course materials for free?
S: Wait a second what is MIT?
M: it is "Massachusetts Institute of Technology", it is in USA, Cambridge, Massachusetts, it has strong emphasis on scientific and technological
S: so what are you telling me?
M: simply this HUGE decent educational place has done a very nice thing which is, opening there courses materials for people for free, in many formats Audio, Video and Text.
S: it is good, but what does it mean any way?
M: for guy like me, I seek so hard to starting master in Egypt and I couldn't do that for many "Educational lows" problems with me, so I start looking for something to study and learn online, I found many places that provide online master degree but I though that it is useless, I remember when "Mohamed Hegazy- My colleague in Imaginet (MobiDiv)" told me once that MIT has open there materials for all people, so I start checking it out, and I found it more than amazing.
S: you know it seems cool, but I still don't feel that is "it is not that important".
M: look the issue here is our career always want more and more from us in the area of keeping up with technology, I think if we could follow what this courses provide we would have very good progress in our career.
S: I think, you are right but not all people will like to go on with that.
M: I agree with you, but sometimes we need to do some stuff in teams, that's what I am thinking about, imagine that we arrange some kind of group to provide "Free knowledge" that is based on MIT courses, it could be amazing to provide such thing in Arabian community, specially when the educational standards in Egypt are very low, the community will do DEEP impact, the students may join us, to get better understanding for things.
S: you know it is a great idea, but I am not going to join, I am already loaded.
M: look, you can just listen when we have sessions about what we have studied, what do u think?
S: OK, that's seem to be fine, I will start with listening then may be I become one of the team :)
M: I hope all the Egyptian community join us :)
S: OK, can I go for my work, :) I am sorry I am little tough about it.
M: of course, I have work too, it was a very nice time that I have spent with you :), Bye
S: me too pleased talking to you, bye, keep me up to date ;)

At the end, I hope that you got something useful to help you managing your life, thanks for your time :)

Ahmed Essam


Anonymous said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, cant believe it

Mustafa said...

Berkeley are also releasing some of their videotapes:
I think Standford has a similar project. ADUni is based on MIT curriculum at:
A definitive guide for online courses (esp. with video lectures) is at:


Anonymous said...

I think I have donwloaded the Assembly course from some place of this but I don't remember, anyways it is cool as long as it is for free


Ahmed Essam

Emad said...

The Channel for MIT on YouTube is

Anonymous said...

it shouldn't just be for PhD seekers. learning in general is interesting & useful

Anonymous said...

two years ago when I first stumbledupon this, I was blown away!!