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Monday, February 02, 2009

Meizu M8, The area that no one tries before

Peace be upon you

Today I am going to show you something that is really make me very excited, it is new device, people call it "iPhone clone" but I don't think it is like that, it has the same them but not the point that we call it clone, anyways
first u have to see the device

as you can see, :D it is very much like the iPhone, but it has some extra buttons

here is link for the web site

This is the loading window

Desktop or whatever they call it :D

File Manager, it is in some east Asia language that I don't know

File Manager, I meant to show anther photo for it to show you the left side "path Navigation"

Normal "Windows Mobile Application", sure there is no fancy interface because I don't use their libraries

Calender "Looks very cool"

The keyboard, it is VERY much like the iPhone one

When you start writing the "Auto Complete" will help you "Nice feature".
The stop watch :D, Cool application

After pressing the start button, very nice interface interaction

The calculator
I didn't get this device all I have done is I just downloaded the SDK that they provide and I start it simple and clear, here is the link for the SDK
The nice thing is, that this device is "Power by Windows mobile", for all this years there is lots of vendors work on Windows mobile but they never do something like that, this proof that the "Windows Mobile" is very flexible and can do too many things, the nice thing that Windows mobile supports many "Architecture" which is "more than good", this guys "MEIZU guys" have done great work and I really think that they are very professional,
Anyways, I was just trying to show you how much this thing is amazing, by the way, to have the fancy interface you will have to use there library, which is very complex to use regarding to the documentation that is written in Chinese "Please don't tell me to use google to translate it, it is SUCKS + sometimes it gives strange statements"
Thanks for your time :)
Ahmed Essam

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Anonymous said...

amazing, and lovely, i heard it is now on market even too cheap on KSA, the china-iphone :)