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Saturday, May 09, 2009


Peace be upon you

How are you guys? I am sorry that it has been long time since last post, but I have exams, work and my beloved iPhone projects.

Now, let us get to the point of todays post, it is about something called NSOpreation and NSOpreationQueue, this classes are part of the "iPhone Threading programming", which means that this things are mostly used when u do some threading in the iPhone app

The point here that makes me really get stunned was that this thing manages that queue of tasks, it is really critical to have something like that done for you, this thing manages that threads combined with locks combined with queue management, imagine that you have some kind of big thing, I will never have example better than Standford CS193p sample, flicker, imagine that you get some list of information from flicker and u wanna display it, considering that it is coming from the web, it will take some time, so there will be a need to handle it really wisely to make user feels Ok and don't get bored from your application, if I am going to do it on Windows, I may use "Threads", "Locks" to handle it and I think it will be a bit headache.

In the iPhone development "as far as I know such class is not exist for Mac OS yet", this classes will save all that time that will be sucked by implement this stuff, I really recommend downloading the sample and check it out, it is available online on the CS193p page, I really wish that I have some time to write example to show you how much it can be efficient to use such thing.
ohh, I forgot to mention that iPhone considered a subset of unix, which means internally it uses the pthread, I think it has all the POSIX , can u imagine that this little device runs UNIX :D

anyways, it was nice writing to you :) and I hope u like it as I do ;)

thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam


Unknown said...

is it possible to install Mac os on normal intel laptops or pcs???

Ahmed Essam said...

No on all machines, some machines can handle Mac OS X and others can't

check out this link