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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tethering iPhone over any network

Peace be upon you
I have figured out away to tether your iPhone with any mobile network, let us start

The first thing we will need is to write the configuration file, Here is link for sample configuration file, actually it is working for Egypt Mobinil users

Now, for each network it will need little bit of effort to make it work, we have to edit the configuration file, here is snapshot for the keys that is going to be modified

"APN" , this is the string that has the Access Point Gateway, you can get this from the operator, or u can get it from any phone with internet capabilities ,

"password" , This is the access point password, get it from the Operator

"Username", This is the access point username, get it from the Operator

"PayloadIdentifier", becareful with this one, because it may change something that u don't deser, I recommend for this one is to be like this pattern "..profile.apn"

for instance


This keys is the keys that have effect and will make your tethering work.

After that, put the file on a Web Server and log to it from Safari mobile and install it

Happy tethering :)

Thanks for your time.


Ahmed Essam

1 comment:

Unknown said...

tethering is good but kills the mms .... no other way to work with both , pls send me