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Saturday, November 09, 2013

I will blog again.

I don't know if people who used to read what I write still here or not, anyways, it feels bad not to share, so I decided that I will get back to blogging to get some thoughts and situations/reactions, may be something is helpful for someone.

Now, What happened, I almost disappeared for 2 years, the simple answer is "I started my company", I used to be involved in couple of things related to startups and I was never the core but in this one it was all me, I am the CEO, I am the guy who know it all, I am the visionary who should make it worth billions, in fact after all this time, I knew that I am the one who will get screwed until it works.

Startups are not fun and you will not enjoy the ride, you will get ton of experience but GOD knows if you will ever use this experience or not, simply it may get very hard that you leave and this experience worth nothing.

Startups will be fun and you will enjoy the "passed journey" when you make it, all that time you spend, sleepless nights are just sacrifices for what could be something big, the chances you make it is very low, I don't have clear numbers for how much people success or fail but I know for sure it is very low, in my region it is little bit higher and success can come instantly and much easy than US/Europe because Middle east still green market, everything is picking up here.

I have learnt a lot, I owe "Draper university" a book, Yes I will write a book, I am collecting the material and the things I will write about, it will not be the type of book who will make you happy, it will be more about shit I faced, about lot of failures and disappointment, in short I was thinking of "I will fail again" as a title for the book.

I am not pessimistic person but I like to be realistic as much as possible, I like to dream/day dream :D but I don't like to take this and speak like someone who know nothing about real life, I like to face the problems so in my head and put scenarios so it can be little bit easy when I face the real thing.

I have changed a lot, I became totally different man and I think I owe the community what I have this is why I think I will write about lot of things related to startups, the community taught me a lot, people I don't know wrote helpful tips and things that changed my life and this is part of why I am back.

This post is considered useless for some but I will try hard next time to make it worth the your time :)

wish me luck.

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