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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sending mail through Telnet

Peace be upon you

I think a lot of people uses the SMTP wrong :D, why am I saying this, simple because every referance I have read about it was about simple tasks for the mail
nothing complex, I have never seen anyone talk about authintication in SMTP, anyways lets begin doing this cool thing , I will explain every step

Open Start -> Run
type Telnet

here it comes black screen -lets suppose that our mail server called -

let's begin in the black screen

U : o 25
S : 220
U : HELO MyDomain
S :250
S:VXNlcm5hbWU6 in this point you will need a base 64 convertor
U: "your user name after encoding with base 64"
S: 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6
U: "your password after encoding with base 64"
235 Authentication successful
U:MAIL From: <>
250 Ok
S:250 Ok
S:354 End data with .
Subject:Don't think about it a lot.
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2029 20:18:47 -0400
testing the mail trhough telnet.

S: 250 Ok: queued as 3A60D32C036

did anyone notice something, the date and the all fake information we have put about the Email, here appear a little threat, U can't be so sure that ur Freind send u the Email you are reading,

anyways I wish u like this post :), C U next post,

I forgot to tell u, if anyone want to read his mail through the Telnet :) tell me to write post about it :)

I wish you like, thanks for your time.

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Anonymous said...

Really helpfull :) thanks for explaining!

Anonymous said...

great job my friend! your post has been very useful.

Anonymous said...

you can go crazy when things must go in one way but they make what they want

235 Authentication successful
MAIL From:

! what's wron?

Anonymous said...

:) this error was because i din't enclose email in angle brackets

Anonymous said...

I was trying out this one to send a mail to my yahoo inbox but i get an error saying
535 authorization failed (#5.7.0)

i have checked the username and password...
should i use the domain name ( or not ...

i have checked my encrypted user id and password...

please help me over this...

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you

look my dear, I think this problem happen because you don't have paid subscribtion in yahoo, I read before that you have to buy the Yahoo plus package to get SMTP and POP3 access to your mail, also it is applied on Hotmail accounts, you should have Paid Live Mail, anyways, some Mail providers add their own addings to the SMTP Server they have

I hope that it is informative