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Friday, January 12, 2007

Cheap PCs 100$

Peace be upon you

I heared a lot about this PCs,cheap PCs for poor countries,I don't get the full idea when I read about it, I thought that the HUG companies will do something to get some money and that's it, the first idea hit my brain was "they will restore any old product and relive it, and sell it with low price", but I found that this cheap PCs are actually amazing, it has brand new component, I found 4 Cheap PCs,by the way some of it work using Windows XP Embedded,
here is the first one "which I like"

- Intel "Classmate" -> to read more about it

- AMD "Personal Internet Communicator"-> to read more about it,,50_2330_12264,00.html

- MIT Media Lab

as I told you before that this PCs are running using Windows EXP (Embedded), so if you wanna have some amazing stuff I think you should buy one and get the SDK for Windows EXP, and have fun developing software to it,
Microsoft Embedded Page
I wish you like it as I do :D, also I wish to get one of this to have some drive test


Ahmed Ezz said...

Yeah ahmed, i have read about it also, and i though it's amazing idea.
actually i'm wondered, why these companies didn't do this before as well as our governments.

for example, here at Dubai, there is a government program suporting this idea to convert the old pc's to a working good one for the poor countries as a gift no selling it, and this idea among others in the philanthropic activities here.

but let me ask you something, do u physically check some of those you mentioned ??

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you

how are you Ahmed? look I never touched something like that, but I am really working hard to get one, I beleive that such devices will be every where, because it's cheap, I think someday you will fins such device every where, I like the AMD PC because it's like a box u can have it anywhere but it's still have a little problem :D which is no IO devices :D, remember that this devices have something good which is its processoers is designed for MOBILE which mean , Less power & high performance, this issue require more than article to know about, I guess you should visit the web site for the devices, you will find a lot of cool things, when I have a test drive for something like that I will let you know :)