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Monday, January 29, 2007

Multi-touch interface (from Adobe TED)

Peace be upon you

check this out , it's it amazing

Thanks for Mohamed Mohseen :)


Anonymous said...

i loved the multi touch screen
it the same idea like the apple iPhone screen i think

Anonymous said...

I Haven't any thing to say..
Just Creativity!!!

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you guys

first of all I want to say something, WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THEM, first this people are doing a great workm, you have to know more about them, this people are Nobil Prize takers :D which means they are geniuses, they are none stop, we have one thing to do to be like them , I think we have lack in math and physics gurus, we really need a lot of them, I am not talking about college professors, I am talking about guys who is really like this sciences, do any one of you see "Numb3rs" series, it's a very cool show, they use math to analyze the crims, it is so efficient to use such guys to solve problems related with crims , it need nothing just FOCUSING on the target we want, I wish you got my point :), thanks

Anonymous said...

opppppppppssss amazing