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Monday, February 12, 2007

Intel® Web 2.0 Technology Development Kit (TDK)

Peace be upon you

how are you guys? for sure most of us working on web development application that require some security procedures, so Intel did something very good and useful to use, they make this cool library that provide this key features:

  • Support for Windows XP* operating system.

  • Support IE6/7 and Firefox

  • Allows creation of user-defined callbacks in an object-oriented way to handle specific platform events.

  • Provides a high-level JavaScript API to get information about battery power states, network connectivity, and processor information, including number of cores.

    • Power information API

    • Connectivity information API

    • Storage information API

    • Bandwidth information API

    • Processor information API

    • Location information API

I think most of us need this stuff, also this stuff are avilable with it's source code

here is the link for the whole story

thanks for your time

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