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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Microsoft have done a great work with VC++

Peace be upon you

hi people, how are you all?
first of all, I don't wanna "Anti-Microsftism" guys to attach me, I like anything related to technology, based on this role I have to admit with something I got From MDC 2007, Microsoft did a lot of work to enrich the powerful of Visual C++, Actually there is nothing can describe how much this people are doing a great work, the IDE is amazing, with any other IDE it may take hours to look for some stuff in the code, all you have to do with VC++ 2005 just guess any thing about your targeted code, you will find all you want, now "finding sting in heap of straw" is so easy, you know because Microsoft provides you with a HUGE electromagnet, so all u have to do is just get close to the heap of straw and u will get what you want,all of that is just admonition that it is really great, I really like thier work and I wish that they keep working more and more, I will explain later what I have got from MDC 2007, excuse me guys I am BUSY ,

thanks for your time

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