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Monday, March 26, 2007

Handle-x became international tool for hacking

Peace be upon you

My friend Ahmed Ezz recived this mail, Ahmed Ezz developed a Famous Application for network management called Handle-x , the Application is a open source, you can find it at planet source code

here is the mail he got and check how it is amazing to have such a thing :)

Hello,, its me again.. the Handle-X fan :D :D .. how are you?
how is work going with you? .. hope everything is fine.. oh i have a
website now :)
its,, i will be glad if you took a look :) ,,, well
yesterday a guy was showing of about this trojan he made... so i took
alook at the video he made while hacking someone with it,, AND GUESS
WHAT,, the guy is a fake, he is using your trojan Handle-X as his!!!
so i thought you wanted to know cause you worked on it, and its a
brilliant program..

here is the link
check the video on the left panel, and you will seee "Handle X" this
guy owns a website too..
its ,,

anyways have a good day..
thanks Ezz for your great work and ALLAH bless you :)

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