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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The best farewell happen in history was mine

Peace be upon you

I have just left Imaginet, I will say it trully, Imaginet is part of my heart I don't know why I like this place but it seems that I like places that make technology, it was so hard to leave there but it is ok, the best part of it was my farewell party, it was amazing , no it was more than amazing, all people was there for me, some people don't share such parties was there, even business team was there, I was so happy, everyone of them ask me a question, I was so happy for that I was answering without any probelm, I like this people so much, I have history with them, I wanted to cry but I felt it is not suitable, people was so nice to me there

KOKO,S7syko , Maha, Zizo, Malek, Kandel, Hamed, MOHSEEEEEEEEEN :D,Ihab, Rofa, Mr.Bahaa ( The Magician ), Mostafa (IceManZ), Rasha , Hagar

this guys are amazing I can't forget them, they did a very amazing party for me,


I wish you always remember me with good :) and forget about my heavy killing jokes :D, I promise that I will stop it :D

please always remember me , and I promise that I will never forget all of you,

1 comment:

Ahmed Essam said...

Rofida has sent this comment to me,

U r soo kind guy Ahmed, that have all those fantastic feelings, we will never forget you too.

Rabena yekremak we yewaf2ak fe 7ayatak, we nefra7 beek soon isA :D

aktar 7agah bastatetne fe kalamak "and forget about my heavy killing jokes :D , I promise that I will stop it :D"

el 7amdolellALh 3erfna ne3mel 7agah fe sha7's kowayes zayak we yehmena ne7'aleh a7san...

Good Luck for ur whole life