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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Text mood menus days

Peace be upon you

here is new topic, do you remember the old days, DOS days, some people say that it was very ugly days, but I say it was informative days, and I learnt a lot by using dos, I learnt it for some reason, first when I was in school this OLD monochrome PCs with only thing available, it was at 1998, and I was in the Thanaway, Governmental school, we used to get Floppy disk that has DOS 6.22 as I remember, the only thing that can run on this disk was QBasic, C++ compilers need more space for the compiler and more space for the compiler output, so we take GWbasic and QBasic, this time Windows 98 was released, we did a lot of things with this QBasic, we used to do something new weekly, I was in a very geeky team
Ahmed Abd El Aziz - Missing and I can't find him
Ahmed Abl El Hakim - Missing and I can't find him
Ahmed Essam Naiem - it's me :)
we was always in the computers room, so we get a very low grades :D anyways, I tell this story to show you some snapshots I hope you like it :)

This is simple application for credit and debit for subscribed users

From this window you query for the user and add or subtract from his/her account

This is simple reports list

in other hand there was a tries to add Arabic support for the Dos Application, and I get it for once :D

this one is done by TC++, I made it when I was in the 3rd grade in the institute, it is something like Paint brush but it is not completely done (it was under dos)

this is the same application with Mouse support :) of course this was under dos

this is the same application in the text mood up there but this is the graphical one ( closing the application )

this was my first try to do Graphical application under dos, adding Icon was little hard this time :) but I did it , this one in QBasic

this application is the same as the one up there, this is add customer window

this is the customer listing

I used one idea implemented many times to test something else, it was the ability to create Menu based application like the ones in the POSs in the super markets , also when I first saw the GUI in windows, I decide to simulate it, and I did :) thanks to ALLAH for that :), by the way , all the source code for this stuff are available, but it was so dirty coding , it was my first tries, this code was written between 1998 and 2003 , this was my start, it was one hour per day is the available for me at the school :), also thank ALLAH for what I have now :)

see you in next topic :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL, u reminded me with my old days :D
i also 1st learnt programming on those old monochrome machines in high school
there was no hard disk, a RAM counted in KBs :D
and there was always the 5.25" floppy disk :D
i was stuck with basic for sorry as it was the only language availble there, i searched for months for QBasic as some guys told me that it can build an exe output!! :D
the only machine with hard disk was running 3.11 windows and when we have seen the win95 it was like a miracle :D
we didn't have any documentation for basic we just used the school book which wasn't really informative, software development books didn't exist. internet access was like a unicorn
oh good old days :D

Ahmed Essam said...

Hi Fady,

you know in this day's we was value the documentation and we utilized it very well, u know we for it to get the full copy of dos 6.22, it was amazing we was so happy because of that :D, the full copy include many application help, about making basic app EXE, we used application was very rare called Turbo Basic, this application compiles your application to EXE, but this compiler has some restriction more than QBasic

by the way when I get more advanced I used something called "VB DOS" this is something like VB but it is underdos, it has buttons ,text box , combo , list, check box and option box, so limited choices but it did amazing work in the old days , I used it once and I liked it but I stop using all dos stuff :D it's not profitable, anyways, I like to old days more than now, development was so hard, real hard, no there is new generation who know nothing but the TOOLS, they don't have the concept which cause alot of problems, I have to go now :) thanks for sharing