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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cool Error Messages

Peace be upon you

as I am a software developer I understand what error means :D, but sometimes it is ver annoying to it heat me, please check out the coming messages and tell me what to do :D

I hope that Microsoft give source code to debug it and fix it :D, that's why people likes open source, if you find bug and you cn fix it, just go a head and do that if you have time :D, I hope that someone read this and give me some explaination, I am just normal user for source safe and it gives me nice cool path for a problem in file :D, I don't want to see it , :D do they give me a debug version or something :D, anyways I don't thing it's smart move to put a file name and path in error message for your application, I have to go now, I have you have more things like that please :D send it to me :D

Thanks for your time :)

I have added this one later :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nah, thats is nothing compared to the error messages i get