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Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 Has full Arabic Support

Peace be upon you
As you know that I have started my tries with the iPhone and I was very annoied because there is no Arabic Support for this Amazing device, now with iPhone OS 3.0 (the used to call it OS X now they call it iPhone OS) you can read Arabic , check out the images 

Arabic in the local application, it means that the strings are in the application, there is nothing I have done more than showing the string.

in the settings you will see that there is Arabic Key board

Now I have tried to use the Arabic keyboard and it is working "I liked it, but it didn't give right to left"

The best of all "Safari" now the browser supports the Arabic and it is working very nice, it is really nice experience to have.

I will not be able to talk much about the iPhone OS 3.0 because of the Agreement.

I am sorry for the low rate of posting but I promise I will be focusing in the blog soon

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam


Haytham Alaa said...

This is GR8 news... finally iQuran will render in Arabic natively ;)...

However I have my opinion against iPhone, I do have to admit iPhone OS 3.0 fixed a lot of drawbacks... in some sense that's what iPhone 3G should have been in the first place...

Anonymous said...

Hi y 3saM bgad alf alf mabrok wy rabena ma3ak ya 7abeby

good effort rabena ma3ak

Ahmed Ibrahim

Anonymous said...

Please I have a question...

Will I will be able to work on the sdk without connecting my iPhone to the Mac ?

Because I downloaded and installed it but when opening xcode I cant find iPhone OS in the left bar as the tutorials are saying...

please help me...

Ahmed Essam said...

I don't think any Quran Application will relay on the sysetm font, the Othmanic shaping needs some work on the font level

for the iPhone it is very good, and helpful in many point of view.

What I am talking about is, iPhone on of the devices that makes u use the device, and don't let the device use u, what I mean is when u have something like nokia, u have to push a button while in the iPhone all u have to do is touching it, it is more human

some people who know nothing abuot techonology told me once, "This iPhone is very comfortable, I would use it for the end of my life" I told him about the drawbacks the answer was "it is not important, I have the best device ever"

so people like it and it will go on, other device is trying to make it more like iPhone, even they call any new device "iPhone killer" :D

Apple did things in secure way, so u don't have to worry about anything, I did once hack the WM, and it means it is hackable, in the iPhone I don't think the case will be the same.

I think someday, iPhone will be with everyone hand, I mean iPhone as a concept, like the mouse and GUI that made by the same company :)

Ahmed Essam said...

I think you should download the iPhone SDK, it is at

you have to create account and login usnig this account and download the SDK it is about 1.7 GB

After installing it u will be able to see the iPhone stuff, GOD bless you :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ahmed....

Already I downloaded and set it up, but my question is: when I open xcode it is not showing iPhone OS on the left only Mac os what is the problem ?

Please help me

Haytham Alaa said...

Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh

In windows, we used to have a the Othmani font split into multiple ttf files to cover the different symbols/positions pairs..
I'm not sure how iPhone handles this.. but maybe someone can find a way ;)

iPhone is an innovation... nobody can argue with that.. the way you interact with the device is just awesome..

My whole point is still in implementation... hardware/software combination...
I'm not a Mac fan actually, and iPhone is no exception... the OS has many memory leak bugs, the network stack isn't that nice (e.g they haven't implemented IPSec)

These issues won't be encountered by casual users who care about simplicity and effectiviness (that's why the guy told you they are not important, I think..)

One more thing they've not done yet, is the background processing, I know all the buzz and decisions Apple took about this.. I just like to have the choice... I would prefer to run iPrayer in the background rather than letting it receive a notification every time the prayer comes.. this won't be a problem while you are in town (no roaming) but once you are abroad, you will either pay a lot of $$$$ or you lose connectivity...

A choice is sometimes good..

See most of my situations are not for "casual users"...

ah by the way, about security, I'm curious in how did you managed to hack WM? was it an old version?
a group of security researchers (aka white hat hackers ;))
spent a day trying to actually hack (you know, a full exploit..) to iPhone, Blackberry and Android... and failed... (just a note, these guys managed to hack full patched safari on Mac in secs, IE on Vista and FF all in the first day of the contest)
More details:

iPhone Concept is definitely a killing one.. I totally agree others are trying to mimic this as hard as they can as they believe it's how people should interact with phones!

Sorry for being so long :D...
on another note, ezzayak ya Ahmed :D ???

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you

Yaho, Look you have to be sure that you install it following the guide lines in the PDF attached with the package, also be sure that you are using the version which has "iPhone SDK.pkg", be sure that you check the "upgrade check box", if yo have other problems send me your eMail and I will communicate with you

Haytham, I like your way very much, you are very neutral which is hard to find :D people killing each other because of Java and .NET :D, for me I am not tied to one technology I take what is best for the solution :D "Salad mood :D", anyways.
Regarding the windows mobile hack, it was simple app that can trun the device into spying device, the application can be installed as 3rd party useful app but it will accept some incoming calls, I tried this in many plugin style, like I did custom inbox plugin and when it receives SMS with some keywords it call the sender
the trick works very well on windows mobile 5, in windows mobile 6 it works with interface issues "some window show up", in windows mobile 6 it works with very well if the device is the calling the hacker or what everyou wanna call it :D

I wanna tell you something about iPhone, I just like the way they made this thing also I like the way they handle developers, things should be controlled or it will be chaos, Apple really help the good people to do great things, I saw many videos "interviews literally " about people who was working on garage and became millionaires, regardless the draw backs, I think it is awesome device and it will get better more and more also it will help people to have better opportunities to do what in their imagination, I am not Apple fan, I am just technology fan, who ever give me the best I will take and use it to the maximum no matter who made or what was his/her intention when s/he make it.
I like your comment, it is the first subjective reply I have ever get, you managed to get the points that is really matter.
I think someday Apple will open its "network lock thing" and let people go,
BTW, you can get unlocked iPhone from Apple, Apple hong kong has that offer also in Italy, I have a friend got his iPhone from Italy and it is working Ok, I thought that it is a joke and he show it to me up and running and guess what it is cheaper than Egypt :D

anyways, I hope that you are doing well, I really like your reply and I hope that you share your ideas about what I write :), really thanks a lot :)

P.S: link for the WM hack

regrading hacking the mobile devices, I don't think it is going to work, they should study ARM structure well, they will figure out that it is some how little harder than hacking desktop box

thanks for your time :)
Ahmed Essm

Kassem Moussa said...

hi friends ...
i downloaded the os 3.0 via bit torrent . but searching the net for how to install it .. i found that it isnt possible with out registering with apple as developer ...
esam ..
i have some questions , hope u'll help me :
1- how to install os 3.0 with out bricking my iphone ..
2- im using unlocked version of iphone 3g in saudi arabia ... if i installed 3.0 os .. will it get locked ?
3- do you know any developer with apple who can help us to enter our UDID to the apple developer center so we can install os 3.0 ?

thank you in advance ..

kassem moussa
email :

Unknown said...

I tried iphone os 3.0 beta 5 and it seems it supports Arabic, but when I tried with Safari not every Arabic letter is written correctly.
For example: the word Bi'ar, because the letter ba has kasra, hamza will be written on top of ya without dots. I couldn't write hamza, the only alif I could write is the standing alif. Do you know how to write the other forms of hamza? There is a bug as well related to kassra, dumma, fatha ….etc.
Any help will be appreciated.

Ahmed Essam said...

I have downloaded the beta 5 and it looks good for me as I don't care all the time about "Tshkeel"
Here is what I have got, I have noticed that there is problem with "Ksra" nothing more I have found, I have tried the Hamza and most of it works for me, or at least for the words that I have tried

If you want to have more Hamzas :D, long tap on "Alf" also long tap on Ya'a, you will have enough number of Hamzas
also if u want to have all tashkel characters tap on tanween

give it a try and feed us back, I don't use OS 3 on the iPhone, I have tried it on iPod touch

Thanks for your time.

Tarig Ahmed said...

Salam everyone,
I turned on the Arabic keyboard, and it shows, but when i use it i.e press a letter or something NOTHING happens !!!!! i tried other languages and they all work just fine.
Any idea?