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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Security presentation

Peace be upon you

Today I will not talk to much I have presentation to do I thought that it is better to add first on the blog :), anyways, this should the presentation at "Data Security" subject at the academy I am doing my diploma at, here is the presentation, please your feed back is very important

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam


Bashmohandes said...

Hey ya man, I didn't go through the whole presentation, I just went through the first 10 slides or so, the material is great, I only worry about the time, 62 slides needs 2 hours of presentation at least, if every slide took 2 mins, do you have that time?

Ahmed Essam said...

I agree with you that it is going to take lots of time.

We are 6 in the group, eacho one should work on part, also the professor want us to work together "team work", other groups was so divided that each one make his own presentation and took about 15 to 20 slides, based on that 15 * 6 = 90 slides :D, so we are already reducing it.

some slides has titles, also considering the issue that we are talking about, this number is very little, the presentation talks about

-Web Threats

I hope you read it to the end, there is nice things u will find like "SET"

Anyways, I am so HAPPY, that you noticed it :), thanks a lot Mohamed :)

she7ata said...

I did not through it all either, material looks ok, but without guides or teaching, i do not feel i'm getting any, i guess if you add real sound it will much readable and understandable ...

Shereef Sakr said...

Sob7an Allah :) , I don't visit your blog so much, but chances are that i with my group have made a presentation about the same topic this semester With Dr. Bahaa except that i am in the masters now :D.

Ahmed Essam said...

How are you Shereef?
Professor Bahaa is very impressed by the web security group in the master, if you are this guys then I think you have got a very good grade :D

anyways, the session until now didn't finish yet :D, we already took 150 Minutes ( 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM, No break :D the guys was so excited as I think, ) hours and we are planing for more 2 hours :D

isA we are planing for amazing demo for the application, we will try to utilize the buffer over flow on the server side, also we have alredy done the XSS and Sql Injection.

isA I will put the samples and explanation soon, I don't know if the guys will like it because it is not a light topic to talk about.

Anyways, I hope that you are doing well with professor, he is really nice man + I like his method of teaching us things :D, until now he only talk for 3 sessions and the rest we have done as students, this is cool because we managed to search and get lots of interaction , I really hope that all professors do like him.

anyways, I am honored that you are looking over my blog :), also I have noticed that you don't blog much so I hope that you blog more :)

Hossam, did u stop blogging or what, I hope that you get sometime and start enjoying us as u used to do

Thanks a lot guys :)