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Monday, February 05, 2007

Cairo ICT 2007

Peace be upon you

How are you guys? I was in Cairo ICT 2007 and it was really AMAZING I saw a lot of new stuff that is really cool, the most amazing thing is that I met "Dr.Tarek Kaml" the Minister of "Ministry of Communication and Information Technology", I snap a little video for the minister and Mr.Karem Ramadan, after that I was in Microsoft Community Booth "ArabTeam2000", "Innovation-Hut" and "Barmaji", it was really cool.
The other cool thing is that I saw and work on the "Intel Classmate" YAAAAAA it is here in Egypt Finally, CARIA I saw a lot of cool things there, Small machine has amazing performance, Intel did a great work in this, I also Saw AMD but I have to say that they are as doesn't exist, Intel Products are everywhere,
I saw a Satellite DSL Modem I LIKED IT SO MUCH

Sorry I write that in rush, I will try to write when I have more time.

ArabTeam 2000 Booth


Cool Laptop :D people was throuing rocks on it and it was fine :D

link for the Dr.Tarek Kaml


Anonymous said...

hi ahmed, it was good to met u there


Ahmed Essam said...

you are welcome Sherif, I really enjoyed this days a lot I can't describe really how it is cool to meet new amazing people "Real IT Guys"