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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bluetooth development with Desktop

Peace be upon you

how are you guys? I miss you so much, it has been long time for the my last post, now lets begin,
I will talk today about Bluetooth (the beloved cheap communiction method), this thing is brilliant, we didn't utilize at as it must be done, anyways, I will start after my friend Mohamed Allam stop, he wrote amazing introduction about the bluetooth , I will put this document after taking his permission, anyways, lets talk about how to start developing software for bluetooth under windows, when I started this thing I was little lost, but I found that the AMAZING microsoft is always ready for any question, they did amazing work in the Windows platform SDK, I found that there is sample for bluetooth and it is so easy to reach to what they have done for us, after installing Microsoft Windows Platform SDK, you will find the sample on this path

%Program Files Folder%\Microsoft Platform SDK\Samples\NetDS\Bluetooth

now I think you should read this sample and run it then continue this topic :D I will continue if there is someone interseted on this issue, I am waiting for your feed back ;)


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