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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Messing up with Xanadux code

Peace be upon you

First of all What is Xanadux? Xanadux is a linux porting for pocket pc u can find its project at Sourceforge, I will tell u exactly what I face until I got copy of the code, first of all I tried to check out the code on the web viewer, it was nice but not enough,after while I read that I can download the code if I am useing some source control application "CVS Client", I know CVS long time ago, but I never though that it may be useful for windows users, anyways I downloaded something called "TortoiseCVS", This applicatoin is amazing, it's integarte with windows explorer, after that I created a new folder then right click on the new folder and "CVS Checkout", after that I entered the path of the CVS in the CVSRoot field then I clicked on "Fetch list", then I picked the Module that I want Xanadux it was about 13 modules, I downloaded them in about 6 hours, I had a quick view over the code, I can say it awesomem there is tans of documets, also I tried the "cyace-arm" on EVC4 and it was amazing "it compiles" with 0 errors and 0 warnings, I dind't try any other module, ALLAH willing I will continue after I get some free time and for sure I will write all I got, please give me some feed back.

P.S: Link to Xanadux on source
P.S: CVS Root for Xanadux

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