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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Java is better with Android

Peace be upon you
today I will give you something, it's not new but it is for sake of explanation,
I was insisting that C++ is better in development for mobile application, as u know that Google never release something for C++ developer to run under Android, I kept digging in this issue until I reach to something nice, it's Arm Tool chains, this allow to generate executable for the cutey Android, but unfortunately it does not have any libraries supporting Android, so the only way for me to use the ".so" libraries is through "dlopen" and "dlsym", but there is a problem, how could I know the function prototype, what is the parameter and what is the lengths , many questions starts to hit my head, so I opened my lovely tool IDA Pro, and I started to do some Reverse Engineering to the libraries, I just wanna try to play something, then I noticed something strange, I noticed , that the ".so" file that I was working on, it has the same functions name, and same form, WAIT, what is that, check the coming 2 figures

IDA Pro "keyCharacterMap", see the follower part of text, it seem like Rubbish but focus and see what is written

this is the page from Google Android help

by the way here is link for the tool chains

Bluetooth Expectation

mmm, here I don't know how to start, but I will tell you what I expect, u know that the Emulator now doesn't support the bluetooth, and no one able to test his blue tooth application -by the way the bluetooth classes has some wired names , anyways u will find it under 'ord.Bluez"-, so I though that it will be cool if I reach to something about it, because most off Mobile application must has reach connectivity abilities, I found something interesting which is, there is user in the OS Users, gues what is the name ???? it is Bluetooth,

so I expect that the bluetooth will work as user, which means that Google guys will not have to care about "Security" and many things that the Linux kernel will take care off, I hope that my expectation is correct, I will be so happy that happens :D, anyways I hope that this topic is informative and helpful to you :)

tanks for your time

Ahmed Essam

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