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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Developing for Android under linux

Peace be upon you

I hope you all is fine and happy, Today I am going to put a simple hint that really will help developers who intend to developer something for android, first of all, you must have some experience with Linux, it is really important to help you get through some blocks you will face in the platform, then I strongly recommend that you use Linux for development, you will not like to write some Dos commands then Linux commands, :D it will be like a mess :D, anyways it is just recommendation , it's not important that I am right, also if someone find something better please go ahead and post a comment, one thing that I have noticed while I am working on the platform that it mostly previous Open source project and collected together, really it's Wow, also this SDK has some very cool tools that helps to simulate real devices VERY EASILY, not like most of Mobile development SDKs,check the snapshots and tell me what do u think, I am sorry I don't write a lot, but I am really so sick and little tired, so excuse me and pray for me to be OK

Thanks for your time

Ahmed Essam


Anonymous said...

thanks ahmed for the topic
i think android is a very interesting
and i think i will try ubuntu too :)

Ahmed Essam said...

Peace be upon you

actually I don't like people to waste time on something that someone else some time with , so I post such topic to just recommand and view my experince about something,anyways Ubuntu is good choice if you are going to develop something for Linux, it's based on Debian, it has reach development enviroment, but there is something I want to notify you about, I faced some problems with Eclipse, the update plugin window cause hang to all the IDE, so if you want to use it, becareful I will post it as a bug to there bug database :D, I hate tester and the word "Bug", anyways thanks for your interest on what I write :D, there is a very few people do :)

thanks for your time :)