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Monday, November 26, 2007

Once before I was in the news paper

Peace be upon you

I am going to show you something that I liked when I was little younger, I was in the newspaper because of something that I have done, of course it was application :D, actually it happens twice, once for Web navigator, and the other for web site that I have done for some practices

see a snapshot of the news paper :D

application to make it easier to navigate the web

Title of the topic on the main page of the newspaper

the main topic about the website to help student to follow the lectures from their home

this is a link for the web site

I hope that it's cool :D


foomanchu said...

So now your are not only a genius, but a famous genius!

she7ata said...

LOL, I remember all those days, you were a small geek in that time, Wanted, lol.

Unknown said...

That awesome man! xD
I've been in newspapers for 3 times too xD

1 - Arabnews:

2- Gloucestershire local newspaper:

3- another one:

4- another one but can't find the link to it (related to the previous one ;)