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Saturday, February 09, 2008

iPhone Development

Peace be upon you

how are you guys? I hope that you are all fine, today I am going to talk about something, something that mobile developers will like very much, it is iPhone Development, lets begin.

- Old days Development and Stef Announcement

if you are following the iPhone, you will find that there was no SDK for developers to do native application for iPhone, but there was a simple replacement which was for sure not enough, this replacement was the browser based development, it was all about Java script and some other HTML things, some of iPhone developers start to find things that give them more strength in their work they used something called (OpenLaszlo , for more information about OpenLaszlo see their website) for now there is nothing exciting, the exciting thing that in Mac-World 2008 conference Stef Jobs had announced that "Apple will release iPhone SDK by Feb 2008", which means that all guys who is waiting will got it in their hands very soon.

-Unofficial SDK
Same as what happen with
Android (Google platform for Mobile) there was a release for native SDK it was some kind of toolchain called (Sourcery) , I don't know much details about it, but some people at Android Group have done some work with it.
same story had been repeated with iPhone, some people has done some (
iPhone Atlas ) has publish a topic "The unofficial iPhone SDK: Guide to writing native iPhone applications" it has some stuff about the SDK, also some people release some applications using this SDK.

for know all information about the Requirement are a round using XCode as the development environment of course as long as you are using XCode you will need one of Apple Machines, but I think this problem is gone, for all windows user they can have OS X on their Machines, there is some "torrents" that let you download a copy of the Operating System, I think it is produced by someone called "JaS", this version has lot of videos on how to install it and use it, after downloading it, you will have to download the XCode, then you will need to install the other tools that is mentioned in "iPhone Atlas"

some helpful references

At the end, thanks for your time.
Ahmed Essam

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Anonymous said...

that's cool Ahmed, i really enjoyed you topic about iPhone development, i don't have iPhone at the moment, Downloading mac os on my windows machine is interesting too, deservs a try;

Thanks anyways Essam