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Monday, February 25, 2008

Mobile Open Source Opreating System

Peace be upon you
How are you guys? I hope that you are all OK, today I want to talk about something extremely cool, there is nothing better than open source platform, so let us begin,
Halo Moto, I was always saying that it is cool :D.
Actually Motorola did something that is very cool, it releases some of its mobile operating system source code, here is list of the Mobile Platforms that is released by Motorola
Now, I am working on the Rokr E6, actually I respect this device very much, it has a very huge capability, such thing is very useful to develop your own, Security module if you are worry about the hackability of GSM and such thing, in same time, there is hell of ideas that is used in hacking, such device is optimum tool for hackers, imagine, if the device has some capabilities with its WiFi, then it's OK for this device to hack WiFi :D, if the device has Monitor mood (on it's WiFi chip) that get things from the air, then it is really done, simple tools that do analysis against the captured data and the guy will get "Access Granted" on any WiFi network, also as much as hardware good, this thing could be a very good tool in GOOD or EVIL, so it is all about ethics ;), anyways I just wanted to take your attention to this nice link, I have this link long time ago, actually I have downloaded some from it :D, but I didn't use it, I will try to have piece of Rockr :D, By the way most of Motorola stuff is based on Linux, I forgot to mention that :)

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam

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