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Friday, February 15, 2008

My first open-source project

Peace be upon you
How are you guys? I hope that everything with everyone is going fine and OK, today I am going to show you something you will like.
today I have released my first Open-source project, finally after long time of thinking I decided to take that risk, this project will eat some of my time, but it's OK, I have to do something.
Let us talk about the project for while, the project is "WM_SupportArabic" I call it that for 2 reasons "WM = Windows Mobile" & "WM= Window Message" :D did u got it, anyways, The project aim to add Arabic support for Windows Mobile platform without need for third party application, currently the available Arabic solution are so limited(Imaginet Arabizer(Currently MOBiDIV), FJE (Informobility), and some free application I didn't get it until now )
for me, I am not satisfied at all for this solution, I am talking as user, there is many points they didn't see, I can't say anything about this guys, they are all doing great work, such thing may take life and it will never end, but sometimes simple idea can solve the problem without need for life to be gone in same thing, what I am doing by this project is looking for this thing, and I hope that I find it,
Also I want any one who have knowledge about this issue to join me, of course it is not allowed for people who work in companies that produce Arabic solution to join, because some how it is not ethical,
I was working at Imaginet, but I never touch the Arabizer, I swear that I know nothing about it or even it's project architect, some people may say that I was working there and it is violating what I am saying, as I explained, I never work in this project.

here is the link of the project

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