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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The First MDC ever, MDC 2003

Peace be upon you,

How are you guys? I hope that there is everything is going OK with all of you, today I am going to talk about something little bit historical, also this thing is some kind of my happiness days every year, the days I am talking about is MDC days, MDC stands for "Mideast Developer Conference", this conference held ever year in Egypt, This conference is very important to me, Why? because it is the only 4 whole days we talk about technical issues, no TASKS, no RULES, no THINGS that I hate, just cool people who is talking about new technologies, also there is plenty of sessions so I attend what I really like to attend, the time line of MDC, first see the MDC first logo and note sheet:

That was the logo for MDC 2003

this is the notepad that was given by Microsoft

I attend all the MDC's, but of course I don't carry this thing for all that time, here is the time line for the MDC

MDC 2003 -> First MDC I was in 3rd grade at institute, it was AMAZING, Mohamed ALaa was a start in this MDC, all people likes him, he give some sessions he talked about Smart devices, he shows us some tools, at this days there was only VS.NET 2002, with .NET framework 1.0, he also show us some add-ins and tools for VS.NET, I was totally alone, I know no one there, the only thing that I have got there is Mohamed Alaa Card, I called him and I ask him for help, he was very nice, he ask me to have a visit to Microsoft Egypt, he gave a beta copy of VS.NET DVD, I really like this guy, I hope that I have chance to meet him :), I think he is the golden guy at Microsoft Egypt.

MDC 2004 -> Bill gates was going to say a keynote for Egyptian developers, unfortunately I couldn't attend the first day, of course I missed his keynote, but I attend the other days, it was very good, I was sick (FLU), I don't remember anything.

MDC 2005 -> for the second year on consecutively Bill Gates come and have the keynote to Egyptian Developers, this time I attend (haa :D), I was one the front lines, I met the Arab team guys, it was the best year Ever, I got about 30 friend there, there is Remarkable friends there I can't forget, they are always on my mind and my heart, they are my brothers, here is listing of them
Ahmed Ezz
Belal Younes
Mohamed Abd Aliem
Mohamed Hossam
Mohamed Milligy
Mohamed Tanna
Tarek Ibrahim

There is many guys, I met there but I don't remember all of them, but this guys are remarkable and unforgettable, They are truly my brothers, It was the best MDC for me

MDC 2006-> this year was so reach, the give us VS.NET 2005, at this time I was admired with ASP.NET 2.0, so I wrote my book that was talking about ASP.NET 2.0 for my Arabian development brothers :D, I also got a very cool friend there, he is Patrick Hynds, he is a very good guy, who cares about security, just like me :D, I took his card and I contact him.

MDC 2007-> really it was so repeated, we hardly got new information from it.

Common things that is happen in MDC, is Raffle, every year they do raffle and they give very good gifts, Mohamed Milligy wins twice :D, also we used to get Downtown and have some fun with Arab Team guys

At the end we are now waiting for the beloved MDC, there is no clear date for it, but there is Expectation that it will be with ICT 2008

Thanks for your time
Ahmed Essam


Anonymous said...

oh you reminded me of great memories :D
btw i've heard from some trusted resources that the EDC is gonna be on 8 of march

Anonymous said...

It's History My Brother , By The Way It Was MDC 2006 Where We Met Not 2005

Ahmed Essam said...

Hi Fady and Tarek

Fady: do u mean MDC or EDC, because last year I was talking about something called EDC :D and as usual no one hears,

Tarek: Actually we first met at MDC 2005, and we was expecting you to come but you didn't, at MDC 2005 I met Ahmed Ezz, Miligy, Tanna and lot of other guys, you are the one who missed it :D

Thanks for your time.

Ahmed Essam

Anonymous said...

WOw!!! what a cool job!